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Aboveboard Handyman Services is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in McKinney, TX (214) 869-7712
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After I call you what will be my minimum charge?

A: Once I show up and we agree that I can do the job, I charge an hour minimum as disclosed on my "Pricing" page. However, if we determine I cannot do the job I will let you know, discuss the options, and proceed from there. There is no charge.

Q: What if something ends up to be a quick fix?

A: Everything is handled on a case by case basis. If you let me know that on the phone or in your email then I can offer you several scenarios. I will always strive to be up front and transparent with you about the situation prior to coming out or doing any work.

Q: What form of payment do you take?

A: I will always take cash. I also take checks & all major credit cards with a 3% fee.

Q: What if you do a lot of work and I want a receipt so I can write it off on my taxes?

A: A detailed invoice for all completed work can be provided upon request.

Q: Do you offer any types of discounts or special rates?

A: Absolutely! Aboveboard Handyman Services proudly serves our communities senior citizens, veterans, single moms, & those with disabilities who are unable to do the day to day tasks most of us take for granted. Please see my "Pricing" page for more details.

Q: Do you work on large projects that may require an extended amount of time & focus?

A: Aboveboard Handyman Services is moving away from most larger projects at this time. However, each job is evaluated on a case by case basis. If we decide I am not equipped to take on your project, I will put you in touch with a reliable, vetted partner.

Q: How soon can I expect you if I have an emergency?

A: If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention I will do my best to get to you as quickly as possible.

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